NOTAN GP Standings before the final GP

Dear Fellow Athletes

Please see the current individual NOTAN Grand Prix Standings before GP8 (final event) on the 3rd April (7pm Start).

So why are these different to before? Inline with tradition, The individuals worst performance from GP 1 to 7 has been removed, and this new total will be added to GP8’s performance. This encourages everybody to do GP8 as it will count regardless. Contrary to previous rumours it is not worth double points. Please note the team standings are not impacted.

Please find here GP8’s all-important  HANDICAPS, which have only slightly changed for a few people based on feedback and current form.

Following the event we look forward to welcoming you back to the Cullercoats Cresant Club to announce the prize winners (and food).

Kind Regards
Your NOTAN GP organising team

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