NOTAN Grand Prix Results

26th August NOTAN ‘come and try it’ Results

Please find below link to the NOTAN Grand Prix all-time records (Updated after 26/8):


And here are the Results for the 29th July ‘Come and Try It’ Event


Looking forward to seeing you all again on the 26th August for the final outdoor fixture of the season!



July – Another fantastic day of athletics for our youngest North East Athletes.  Once more it was great to see so many clubs represented as well as unaffiliated athletes having a go.  NOTAN really appreciates everyone who makes the effort to attend these events and have people from the whole region participating.  Some new records have been broken which is brilliant.  There was some closely contested medal results today which means that in the years to come at both club and school level there will be some  interesting competitions to watch.  Tommy will be adding some one off competitions to the calendar soon and has plans for some indoor winter events so please keep a lookout on the website.

All that I need to do now is provide you all with some well deserved final results for this Grand Prix series.  Congratulations to you all.

Results year 3   Results year 4   Results year 5   Results year 6

Final Totals July 2017



Results year 3   Results year 4   Results year 5   Results year 6


Results year 3   Results year 4  Results year 5   Results year 6

There have been many questions asked about how the scores and steps work.  I believe that they are no longer on the Quadkids website so here are the tables that are in use for this year’s NOTAN event. ( Each year group is on a separate sheet on the workbook )

score sheets


Results year 3    Results year 4  Results year 5  Results year 6

Thank you to everyone who came to the first NOTAN Grand Prix Yesterday.    It was a fantastic turnout and everyone seemed to have a great time.  Here are the provisional results for 1st April 2017.  I will review them during the week so if anyone spots any missing results please let me know.  The steps are now shown for those children in year 3, apologies that these were missed off the certificates but there was a glitch with the macro that runs the spreadsheet and they did not appear.  Hope to see you next time.




I have attached a calendar of events for Summer 2017 the NEYDL venues are for the lower division but please feel free to tailor this to any other events you want.  As you will see the NOTAN Grand Prix dates are Sat 1 April… no f  ools here Mon 1st May (CHANGED) Sat 3 June Sat 1 July

Athletic calendar 2017



Congratulations to everyone who has competed this year.  We have had a brilliant turn out this year with athletes from all around the region taking part.  All of the athletes were very friendly and helped new people to the event so thank you all.

Below are the final July results well done to you all.

Final Grand Prix Results Years 3 and 6   Final Grand Prix results Years 4 and 5

Results year 3 July    Results year 4 July   Results year 5 July   Results year 6 July


Results year 3 June Results year 4  Results year 5  Results year 6 June

Results year 3 May   Results Year 4 May   Results year 5 May   Results year 6 May

Results year 6 April    Results year 5 April      Results year 4 April     lResults year 3 April



Well done to all of the athletes who competed in the last Grand Prix of 2015 here are the results for the July Meeting and also the overall series winners.  Hope to see you all again next year!

Overall results years 4 and 5   Results year 4 July   Results year 5 July

Overall results years 3 and 6   Results year 3   Results year 6

Results year 4 June   Results year 5 June  Results year 3 June   Results year 6 June

Results year 3 May   Results year 6 May  Results May year 4   Results May year 5

Here are your results well done to you all for competing in this first competition hope to see you all again on Sunday May 10th.

Results year 3 April  Results year 6 April  Results year 4 April  Results year 5 April






Welcome to the 2014 NOTAN Grand Prix Results Page.


Results for April

Results April year 3     Results April year 4     Results April year 5     Results April year 6


Congratulations to all athletes who participated in MAY

Results year 3 May    Results May year 4     Results May year 5     Results year 6 May

Results for June.

Results year 3 June     Results June year 4     Results June year 5    Results year 6 June

Attached are results for July 1

Results year 3 July 1     Results July 1 year 4     Results July 1 year 5    Results year 6 July 1

Fantastic Finale to the Grand Prix Series, here are the final results (hopefully there are no problems but if they are I will be taking leave for next 2 weeks so please be patient)

IMG_0763Results July 2

Final Result Year 6 and 3    Final Results Year 4 and5

Results year 3 July 2    Results year 4 July 2    Results year 5 July 2 vs2    Results year 6 July 2

And Finally see if you can find yourself in the photos below!!

NOTAN Grand Prix Photo Gallery1

For results of all of the older grand prix here is the link to the Quadkids website for Tyne and Wear